Fujifilm The X-T1 weather sealed original image, specs, date, price confirmed

Discussion in 'Fujirumors' started by α-One, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Fujifilm X-T1 details and image
    Now today all details coming out are confirmed , not just rumors i think, about the new weather sealed retro/SLR styled X-series camera. Fuji X-series website teased an original images of the camera to be announced, not yet confirmed to be X-T1 name( i believe they will cover that till 28th January). Its not visible on the teaser also. Apart from teaser on website, image also appeared on japaneese newspapers too, as per fujirumors (also snap of it posted there).
    Digicame-info also report same and they released more informations on the camera. I'm going to list out them below. Announcement will be on 28th January GMT 5-6 AM. It aslo marks the 80th Anniversary of Fujifilm company- nice time to announce a new flagship.

    - Camera to be available mid february 2014
    - Price is ¥ 180,000,= $1700+ (US)= £1050+(UK)= €1275 (EU) for body only- kit price is not yet known- it will be XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0
    - EVF will be of LCD instead of Organic Electronic layer (EL) with low time lag and excellent Dynamic tracking. Number of inches/panel also large. Also bigger magnification of EVF than OMD E-M1 (0.77 comapred to 0.74). It will be of 2.36 million dots.
    - Tiltable LCD screen.
    - ISO range upto 51200
    - 8 fps with Autofocus tracking
    - Focus peaking and digital slipt function on MF
    - Body is water and dust sealed and size of body is smaller than X-E1 (also X-E2 as slightly smaller than X-E1 itself) even with built in EVF
    - Sensor and Image processing engine also slightly differ from EXR II and X-Trans CMOS II
    - The new lesn 18-135mm seen on lens roadmap also to be weather sealed- but no information on other lenses

    Name of the Camera Confirmed as it is listed at Indonesian electronic registration agency epostel.

    More original full front, top and back view of the soon to be announced X-T1

    More price information for fujifilm X-T1 camera
    - Body only - about €1200
    - with XF 18-55mm lens €1600 ( also it seems UK price will be same in £1600 -no price drop after conversion :rolleyes:)
    - with XF 18-135mm lens (weather proof) it will be €1800
    Now the price in USA will be bit higher in dollars, because, funny enough, it wont be justice for company at all :D

    More informations about weather proof 18-135mm lens - the lesn to be released in May even though announcing along with X-T1 camera on 28th january- so its a long wait. Also some techinical details about the lens posted by fujiruomors below
    - start up time of about 0.5 sec
    - Shutter time lag of only 0.05 sec
    - time lapse photography function (interval timer function)
    - shooting interval of 0.5 sec ( lag between images saved and ready for next shot)

    Below is youtube video of google hangout chat done by Leigh Diprose of fstoplounge to get first thoughts from photographers around the globe he knows. All have great opinion about it.

    More leaked images of X-T1 camera today (23rd january 2014)
    So its poised for the new flagship of X-Series... Can't wait till 28th January for the announcement. More details will be leaked soon, i suppose..
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2014
  2. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Ok... Now more clear original pictures of the XT-1 came out from japan via Digicame-info website. main post updated with them
  3. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Today another couple of X-T1 images leaked and included in the first posts and more info about 18-135mm lens

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