Review Sony A7 Fullframe camera indepth review by mobile01

Discussion in 'Sony Camera Reviews' started by α-One, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. α-One

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Sony A7 Fullframe camera indepth review
    Many of you might have got your hands on the new A7 camera by now and already shooting with it now. There are many reviews, written or video, on the net from the anouncement with pre-production model to user end models. Chinese forum mobile01 posted a recent review of A7 in detail and I'm posting main parts and link to it. You can use google chrome browser (if you dont have it on pc -install it) to translate it to english and read.

    image courtesy: mobile01
    The review inlcudes detailing of the parts and button with close shots of the camera parts, comparison to RX1(first fullframe mirrorless from sony), the resolving power with 100% crop (see below ), focus testing videos with kit lens (28-70mm), 35mm Zeiss lens and 55mm Zeiss etc, mobile app control with wifi , Fulls HD video test and samples, ISO testing, other features and real shot samples etc. Read the full review at mobile01

    Resolving power -crop view below (source - mobile01)

    Focus Test video with 28-70mm lens

    Autofocus and Manual focus change

    Focus Test video with 55mm Zeiss lens

    Focus Test video with 35mm lens

    Wifi Control with mobile

    Sony A7 Full HD video samples

    Real shot sample images
    All images and videos courtesy :
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