Sigma dp Quattro Trio fixed lens cameras announced with new foveon sensor

Discussion in 'Misc- Rumors and News' started by α-One, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. α-One

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Sigma dp1 dp2 dp3 Quattro cameras
    To many Sigma is a lens producing company, but its a imaging company making DLSR and Compact camera producing excellent photographs too. It has been known that their dp series Merrill compact high resolution cameras were success despite the under $1000 price tag or the descending market of such cameras. Now Sigma is folllowing Merrill dp series up with Quattro dp series with the announcement of 3 dp1, dp2 and dp3 cameras.
    From the above picture of the camera, you can see Sigma made a radical change in the shape of the Quattro series from the Merrill trio. It can aid the balance when handling with uniform weight distribution and will be easy for two-handed operation of the camera. But the main area of interest is not the style, but the image sensor. Sigma claims, the new 23.6 x 15.7 sized Foveon direct image sensor (29MP effective pixels) and TrueIII image processor can capture images like traditional color films with its multi-layer sensor able to capture all informations from visible lights falls on it. This particular Sigma direct image sensor, world's first of its kind, uses the so called 'vertical color separation technology' whicu utilises three different layers of photodiodes at different levels of silicon each corresponding to three different RGB color (see below image demo). This or same kind of technology is not used by any other companies making it world first type.
    The Quattro series will come out as three fixed focus lens cameras, dp1- wide angle (19mm), dp2- the standard zoom (30mm) and dp3- the medium zoon(50mm). The price of the camera is yet to be known, but having the predecessor series was priced at $999, Sigma likely to set the price higher or similar for the new series. But in my opinion, they should have made this one an interchangeable lens camera with price range of $1000 and high resolution sensor, to use its full potential.
    Also camera is lacking few features for that price range like an EVF, Flash, Continous shooting mode, Movie mode (really a let down) and a better battery (capacity not yet known). The Merrill group merely lasted under 100 shots. C|Net has compared Quattro with other high end compact cameras in market (i dont know, we can call competitor as Quattro missing many features others have) here, so you can take a look and compare them. By keeping these in mind, Sigma's new goodies is unlikely to break into new market, unless they do something strange in price division.

    Read the Press Release - Sigma announces dp Quattro series
    Official webpage for the camera ( read full specs) - Click Here

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