Rules and Guidelines to be followed in MirrorLessForums

Discussion in 'About MirrorLessForums' started by α-One, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. α-One

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Rules and Guidelines
    To all Members,
    As an Online Community/Website MirrorLessForums may be/will be subjected to different kinds of Internet Spamming or disrespectful/untoward behaviors and abuse of other members etc. So We have set a certain Rules and Guidelines to follow by members of this Community in order to have a pleasantful and trouble free user experience for each and every member joined us here. So all members shall read these Community Rules and follow them as advised strictly...

    - No Posts or Messages of any Racist, Threatening or Hateful nature. Such posts/messaged will be removed definetly and violaters will be warned/banned depending on the severity of their act. Members are encouraged to report such acts immediately to staffs.

    - No Pictures of Offensive, Nuisant or Pornographic Nature allowed here. But as camera/photography community we have some flexibility in this rule as provided the image is of Photographic orientation not pornographic. We reserve the right to decide upon the nature of image here. A straight ban will follow if someone bypassing this rule.

    - No Spamming or Unacceptable Advertising. All unmeaningful posts will be deleted (eg: fhshshhsilslsl, ayuauejwjwffffffff) and no swearing or posts of provocative intention. Most of the bad words are censored already, so dont bother to try them. Advertising of products of any type will not be tolerated and will be remvoed. But members are allowed to post links to deals/offers for Camera and accessaries to help other members.

    - Post Topics in Relevent Sections. Do Not Posts threads/topics that is not related to the Title of section. If inappropriate posting in sections will be moved to relevent areas. Repeated breaking of this rule will lead to warning/degrading. Staffs responsibility is to move topics to appropriate sections.

    - No Duplicate Accounts allowed. If found original Account of duplicate one also will be closed and IP address will be banned as violation in spam nature. IP Address Tracking System in place and all accounts are IP tracked. So dont attempt to break this one- if more than one person uses same interner connection, inform us to avoid being considered as Duplicate account creation.

    - Never ever Copy and Paste Topics from other Websites here. Its not good for our reputation. Use your knowledge and information to create good and useful posts, articles, reviews , guides etc.

    - And finally Respect each member and post in decent manner. Also Respect Staff's decisions and follow their instructions/advices...

    Guidelines for Members:-

    - Follow the Rules given above for your good standing aa well as other's benefites.
    - Get help from staffs or other experienced members if you dont know something.
    - Search before posting or asking questions as there may be same/similar topics already posted before.
    - Post replies to topic in discussion and no offtopic please. If different subject start a new topic in appropriate area.
    - Request if any new features or new section/forums are required- but Staffs will decide if that is needed or not.
    - Enjoy the Community :D ...
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