Panasonic Panasonic GH4K Camera- will feature video(4K) optimized sensor; announcement on 7th february

Discussion in 'Panasonic and Olympus Rumors' started by α-One, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. α-One

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Panasonic GH4 (4K video) Camera to see light on Friday (7th February)- Some specifications below
    Panasonic showcased their new 4K video capable mirrorless camera at CES-2014, but they didnt let a hands-on or reveal any details about the camera that time. Surely it was non-working prototype which looked exactly same to Lumix GH-3, the model it will replace. Now, its almost certain that, Panasonic will unveil this new GH series model soon (rumored to be on 7th February) before the CP-plus show starting next week. This will be first mirrorless camera to feature 4K-video recording and the second of all non-video cameras, as the Canon EOS-1Dc which is a DSLR which can do same, but is expensive like its video cameras( Black Magic cameras, JVC or Sony's pro video cameras) capable of same. But there is a very cheap tiny option by GoPro team at $449.0, the GoPro Hero3+ is most latest with lot of accessaries, mostly preferred by sports enthusiats. But GoPro will be with a fixed lens.

    Coming back to GH4K, there will be announcement of this camera before Camera-Photo plus show February 13-16, most probably on 7th. And the new highly expected camera from Panasonic is going to feature an optimized 16MP sensor for video capabilities. There is no change, in physical body from what we have seen at CES last month, unless the model displayed is not original. Its going cost somewhere below $2000 as per rumored reports and only released to consumers around spring 2014. Some specs of the camera is listed below.
    - 16mp improved sensor
    - 4K video at 200mbps and ALL-I intra mode 4K
    - 2.36m dot EVF
    - Price around $2000/€1500.

    Below Original Images of the Panasonic GH4 (name confirmed as it displayed on camera ) leaked today
    Tune into on 7th february for announcement news , previews and preorders. In the mean-time , i will try to update this thread with more details as they leak.:cigar:
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