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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by α-One, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Hello all,

    Welcome to our community. Use this part of this camera enthusiast's community to Introduce Yourself other members. Tell us about something about you like your name, where in this world you are from, how did you find us and something about your Camera etc....

    I'm Dan Brown from Dublin... Not a Pro but an Amatuer for the last 10 yrs or so.. I have Fuji XE-1 and Canon EOS 600D... Planning to get Sony α-7r or α-7 depending on which one turns out good, later this year.... Now its your turn
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  2. Billa

    Billa New Member Newbie

    Hello all! Newbie here and a prosperous New Year.

    I hope this will be beneficial to us all (new and advanced) as we share useful knowledge on how to better our skills in photography and its business for those who desire to pursue it for income purposes (like me).

    I am currently employed as a Graphic Designer at a Print company. I desire to be a venture into Portrait and Indoor photography and later shooting for Shorts for TV e.g. Commercials, features etc. I enjoy silence, privacy and being indoors most of the time so I saw that line of photography suites me. As I worked and got money I bought a Sony NEX-3K camera (late 2011), some lights, soft boxes, umbrellas (mid 2013) and got a donation of old lenses from my dad days in Mining and Engineering like the Minolta 135mm F2.8 and some other neat wide angle lenses which I can't remember right now but will share (if you really want to know) - though I haven't got around to using them for any shoots yet because of the mount type of my camera... Anyhoo... as you can tell I am slowly setting up a tiny Photography studio (arsenal).

    I had my first major client late last year where I shot their staff for use on the Marketing collateral... long story short: hope I will get to learn from you as I share my work and prepare to stem out more this year.

    To the Admin(s), thank you for setting up this forum. Much appreciated!

    Thank you and Great fortune to you all in 2015+
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  3. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    @Billa Great to hear from you... Good and inspiring story of early pro days.... A warm and inviting welcome to mirrorlessforums... Our community is in early days and starting to build and attract new members... we can have great discussions about different styles of photography, cameras , techniques and showcase your works to others through this one and only pure mirrorless camera community.. looking forward to hear and see from you more
  4. admissionqad1211

    admissionqad1211 New Member Newbie

    hello everyone... welcome to forum... i am new t this forum.. working as admission consultants... having 5+ years of experience....
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  5. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Welcome to mirrorlessforums @admissionqad1211. Any help let us know. Hoping to see your contributions here
  6. Micro

    Micro New Member Newbie

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I welcome all new members of the forum.
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  7. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    @Micro good to see you here.. Do a separate introduction here with more details here please. lets us know whether you are pro or enthusiast and what gear you use and where u r etc... :)

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