Fujifilm Fujinon 10-24mm OIS f/4.0 ultra wideangle lens announced & update on fullframe camera strategy

Discussion in 'Fujirumors' started by α-One, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. α-One

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Fujinon 10-24mm OIS f/4.0 ultra wideangle lens announced
    Fuji announced its new fujinon series lens with OIS, high speed AF in the form of XF 10-24mm (15-36mm equivalent of 35mm) compatible with all X-mount cameras. With expected release date of February 2014, this will be new premium lens for X-Series cameras, well the price is yet to be known. Its wide angle focal length of 10mm make this suitable for some macro photography and at maximum zoom length upto 24mm capable of great landscape and interior photogrpahy, as fuji says. They promise great details from foreground to distance during landscape shooting because of its ultra wideangle capabilities. The aperture f/4.0 which is constant through zoom is also an advantage for shooting in low light situations. This lens is believed to cost around $1000 for a piece.
    For full details check out their press release with some translation here

    Fujinon 10-124mm features below
    Fujinon 10-24mm lens with XE-2 and Xpro-1​
    Update: Fuji also announced the handgrip for X-series which can be seen below with Xpro-1 and XE-2. They realised it late about how missing it is 'built in handgrip' on their cameras for customers. May be we can expect onboard handgrip on next fuji mirrorless system.
    Image source : fiujifilm
    Update on Fujifilm's plan on Fullframe mirrorless camera:- Fuji's manager Mr.Kawahara is interviewed by japanese site 2how and in that he explained about their strategy on fullframe system. The interview talk is in english, so you can watch it even though some japanese texts inbetween. Mr.Kawahara told 2how that because of the fact that current X-mount lenses will go incomatible and they will have to release enough fullframe lenses to go with, they are holding plan of fullframe system now. May be we can see it in late 2014 or in 2015 ( the rumor was fuji to release fullframe in 2015) their first fullframe camera. Also they will be producing cameras with more than 16MP in future dueto high demans from fans ( also current market is going very high in megapixels). More in interview below

    Thanks : Fujirumors and 2how
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