Sony First Sony A7-R camera unboxing video(youtube)

Discussion in 'Sony Rumors and News' started by α-One, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Oct 18, 2013
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    First Sony A7-R camera unboxing video
    Below is the first unboxing (same like when u get hands on your new camera) video of recently announced (October 15th) Sony A7-r fullframe camera. Posted by official Sony Korea youtube channel, this 2+ minute video contains reveal of the contents and attaching couple of lens (no kit lens offered so far with Sony A7-r yet) and checking the dials etc. For the testing and review checks you can see the review videos (plenty available from different reviewers). To me from what i have seen in the video, the box contains- the camera boby, battery (Li-Ion 1080mAh)- only capable of 350-400 shots(you can imagine comapred to 1400 shots on Nikon Df- but this one is a bigger camera), shoulder strap, ac adapter and charger, body cap etc. I'm not sure about manual and software cd as its not showing anything- but it should be there. The lenses used in this video are standard kit lens comes with its sibling camera A7 28-70mm and probably Zeiss 35mm lens....

    The shipping of sony A7 and A7-r cameras will start from November 20th in Europe and December 1st in United States.
    Above is Sony A7-r Leica Wide Angle Tri Elmar (“WATE”) 16-18-21mm f/4 lens (as you know these camera can be used with wide variety of lenses from many brands- you need the adapter for it
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