Panasonic Finally Panasonic's GH4 is here- World'd first mirrorless camera to shoot at 4K resolution

Discussion in 'Panasonic and Olympus Rumors' started by α-One, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2013
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    Panasonic GH4 mirrorless camera announced today
    The long wait over today, when Panasonic imaging division announced the highly adavanced world's first digital single lens mirrorless(DSLM) camera to record 4K videos to date. This hybrid micro four-third camera beast is aimed at professional cameras capable of both still and video photography today, particularly the famous Canon EOS high end models costing more than double of the expected price of this impressive debut camera. Even lot better and impressed it is, with its 4K video capability at very higher bitrate (100mbps) in various video formats like MOV/MP4 and full HD at max bitrate of 200mbps in MOV/MP4/progrssive AVCHD/AVCHD etc.

    Official Panasonic GH4 image below
    Even though Panasonic put a lot of effort into optimizing its new 16MP Live MOS sensor and Venous Imaging engine for the video particuarly 4K resolution one, we can't deny its still capabilities. With its faster Autofocus (0.07 second delay only) and industry's standard level OLED EVF and new quad-core CPU (mostly benefiting for 4K shooting), GH4 is mastered to high level image quality as well. With about 22 Lumix lenses with image stabilization from Panasonic and more than that lenses from Olympus (but has to use without image stabilization as Olympus doesn't offer that and Panasonic had no camera built IBIS), Panasonic is always a better option to go with.
    Panasonic GH4 camera's video capabilities overview:- The company by packing an aweful lot of video features into this camera, is aiming at pro-videographers and serious amatuers obviously. The 4K video feature not available in any still/video cameras under $2000 budget, is a serious factor here in attracting many customers interested in such feature but no pro-budget ready to go. Thats may be the reason, Panasonic is highlighting 4K video specification when many other video features like full HD at 200mbps bitrate and high quality still photography possible with this camera. Besides these high bitrates, users can adjusts the bitrates all the way from 24 fps to 60 fps and container formats like MOV/MP4 for 4K video recording and progressive AVCHD or pure AVCHD in addition for full HD. Also it can be streamed to external recorder in 8 or 10bit with smoother gradation. In addition to all of these, there are an array of professional video features available on GH4 for videographers to play with like variable framerates, zebra pattern, Time code- rec-run/free run etc.

    Panasonic GH4 camera's still photography overview:- Although the improvements in GH4 mirrorless camera are mainly on Video side, its still a highe-level still image camera. To aid its high quality image capture, Panasonic introduced their all new 'DFD' autofocus technology. This so called 'DFD' system- 'Depth from Defocus' algorithm help to reduce focusing delay down to mere 0.07 seconds and it has burst-shooting at 12fps and ISO from 200-25600 with expandable ISO down to 100.

    For an in-depth review and details head over to here

    Panasonic Official Promotional Videos for GH4 camera
    By Daniel Berehulak

    By Takehito Miyatake

    By Bence Mate

    By Bryan Harvey
    Image Samples :- Official Panasonic Samples - Click Here
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