Panasonic 4K GH Camera(GH4) in Display at CES 2014- launch in February- Camera details inside

Discussion in 'Panasonic and Olympus Rumors' started by α-One, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    Panasonic 4K GH series camera images from CES 2014 and some details
    Image from Engadget
    Now, another leak (true one ? ), but time to analyse its worth it. The image in scrutiny is of upcoming 4K recording capable micro four third camera 4K GH or GH4 (4K GH can be final as displayed on mockup) and successor to critically acclaimed GH3 for it video capability. Its been captured by different camera blogs from Panasonic booth at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Neveda in USA. A close look at the front and back images and comparing it to original GH3 reveals, it has nothing new on externally except a 4K sticker in place or on top of GH3 logo. So it little trustable to be a real 4K GH(GH4) mockup model .
    Image from Engadget
    Now the Camera is set to be revealed in late february 2014 ( i donno whether they will skip the Camera-Photo Plus show in february because its in 2nd week) and engadget reporter says , it will be shipped for just under $2000. While we dig to know wehther the images above is of true camera , we have some informations about the camera , thanks to Engadget .

    The camera is able to record 4K videos at 200mbps and can be live streamed to a 4k capable display or record onto a hard drive via mini HDMI port. Its also records to SDXC card and Panasonic is currently displaying such a UHS Class 3 prototype made for that task ( you need real high speed memory capable of recording at 200mbps). The other details rumored so far are as below. Panasonic has to really up that megapixel count for a 4K capable camera if its going to be 16MP only.
    - 16MP sensor
    - 1/8000 sec shutter
    - one million dots organic EL Monitor
    - 2.1 million dot viewfinder organic EL, 3000 + dot
    - time code
    - 200 Mbps, AII-I / 100mbps IPB
    - 4K/30p
    - 4:2:2 10/8bit output
    - XLR adapter and 3G-SDI

    Video of 4K GH camera at CES 2014- SDXC card mentioned above also can be seen

    SDXC UHS-1 speed memory card for 4k recording at CES 2014

    Now wait for more New rumors and official annoucement.
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  2. α-One

    α-One Founder Admin

    4K GH camera in display at CES 2014 video added and image of SDXC card image for same camera too

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